"Money is a Kind of Poetry" & "Love Poem as a Critique of Capitalism"

"Lines Written after a Party in New York" & "Love Poem of a Strawberry Grouper"

"On Forgetting My Tongue in Japan"
American Literary Review

—Academy of American Poets' "Poem-a-Day"

"雪と墨 | Snow and Ink"
Collaboration with Japanese calligraphy artist Fuh-Mi
 7 x 7


Experimental translations of Tsubouchi Nenten's modern haiku
 Asymptote 20th Anniversary Issue, Experimental Translation feature

“After Tanikawa”
The Missouri Review, Poem of the Week (December 7, 2015)

“Sessha wa jishin de gozaru”
The Journal, 37.2 Spring 2013

from “Dear Mark”
—Leveler, 2012

“Something I am Not” & [I step out of the fog to buy bread]
—H_NGM_N #14, 2012

“Test of Moving” & [On the day of your death]
La Fovea, 2011

“Bunkum” & “Sunday Morning At the Farm”
La Petite Zine #26, Winter 2011

“Protagoras,” “Gorgias” & “No. 14 White & Greens in Blue”
—InDigest Magazine #17, 2010

Three Poems
—Spork, 2010

“The Eaters” & “The Queen of England”
—Sixth Finch, Summer 2010

“Animals of North America”
—DIAGRAM #10., 2010


from "A Dérive"
Best American Experimental Poets 2018

“IGTOFTS: [My breath is an angle of worms]” & “Spiral Glass Western”
The Agriculture Reader #7

“IGTOFTS: [M was so close to retirement]”
Hayden’s Ferry Review, Spring 2015

Poem for the Unknown” & “Portrait of a Sixteenth-Century Etching of the Body”
AGNI, Fall 2014

“Ewe” & “Love Poem for a Pack of Wolves”
Third Coast, Fall 2013

"Double Acrostic for Francis Ponge"
Best New Poets 2012, Spring 2013

from “Love Poem” & [I was afire in the prairie]
Conduit #23, Summer 2012

from “Or Both, We Could Do Both”
Black Warrior Review #38.2, Spring/Summer 2012

“Marriage” & “Heading East”
Salamander Vol. 16 #2, 2011

“Minotaur Caressing a Sleeping Woman”
The Tampa Review #43/44, 2011

“Anaximader” & “Anaximenes”
Forklift, Ohio #23, Summer 2011

“The Very Air that is Breathed”
Tuesday; an Art Project #4.2, Fall 2010

“Icarus Views Himself in a Reflecting Pool”
No, Dear #5, Spring 2010

from “Hunting the Wild Tengu”
NANO Fiction Vol. 3 #1, 2010